Why We Stand Out

Why We Stand Out - ChicagoLand Wedding Photo Video

Let Wedding Videology produce your wedding video and wedding pictures

When you’re choosing a Chicago wedding videographer to trust with your wedding video or wedding pictures, price is just one of many concerns you must consider.

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You need someone who can provide proper coverage of your perfect day, with a discreet, unobtrusive attitude to shooting and a reliable, punctual approach.

Wedding Videology ticks all these boxes. Instead of just recording a piece of video footage, we will cover all aspects of the video production. Few Chicago Wedding Photo or Video productions can match our marriage of skills, experience and enthusiasm; we’re crazy about all things weddings, and possess the creative expertise to do your dreams justice.

In summary, our service is based on the following attributes:

Experience. Our team boasts decades of experience in wedding video and wedding pictures. We’ve shot video and wedding photos from the old days of analogue, and we’re still here at the cutting edge of the digital age. And we’re still as mad about video as we were when our first clients tied the knot.

Attitude. Each time you watch the wedding video, it should seem like it was yesterday. That’s the mark and feel of a well done project, and we’ve developed our service with this in mind.

Reliability. We will deliver your project on time and in style. We are not mercenaries or cynical professionals; we love weddings every bit as much as you, and you can be sure that, when you book us, we will deliver what we promise.

Editing skills. We tell the story about your wedding day when we produce wedding DVD for you. We won’t just deliver our recording in realtime; we will create The Wedding Video, something you will treasure forever. No matter how long it takes in post-production, we will cut, sculpt and hone your footage to deliver the perfect wedding movie.

Professional equipment. At Wedding Videology, every wedding video we produce is shot, edited and produced using professional audio/visual recording equipment and our videographers use only broadcast-quality full-size digital cameras - ensuring the quality you deserve. A wedding is a live event; there is no room for mistakes in video production and recording, so only professional broadcast-quality cameras are good enough for a wedding shoot.

Shooting range. Our recording team will find the style to suit your needs – we can take an artistic approach to your wedding pictures, add nostalgic footage to add context to your video, and even film interviews and documentaries to complete The Wedding Video.

High standards. Every piece of our work meets broadcasting standards requirements and is ready to air. Some of you may have seen our projects on television.

Wedding budget friendly service. One won’t have to break the bank in order to afford our Wedding Photo and Video services. If you want a cheap wedding, we have a package to suit you; alternatively, if you want to go to town on your dream wedding day, we will pull out all the stops. So you can count on our professional support when you start planning a wedding.
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